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about Hammer

Hammer is a group company established in 2004. Hammer(Hongkong) is the brand and finance holding company . Under this group, we have 1 own factory and 1 strategy cooperation factory in China. In our China factories, we produce chiller/air handling unit/Hygienic air handling unit/fan coil unit and supply to China  domestic market and export to other countries(more than 50 countries)


Our products were exported to following countries:

a)Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan,Mongolia,Israel, Jordan,Philippines,India,Vietnam,Sri Lanka,Indonesia, Bangladesh,UAE,Lebanon,Iraq, Pakistan,Thailand,Myanmar etc.

b)Europe: Spain, Russia, Poland,Turkey,Hungary,Ukraine,Bosnia,Bulgaria,Slovenia, 

Croatia,Romania,Cyprus,Serbia,Moldova etc.

c)American:USA,Colombia, Peru,Paraguay,Ecuador,The Dominican Republic,

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,Bolivia ,Chile and Canada etc.

d)Africa: Egypt ,Nigeria,Kenya,Algeria and South Africa


Advantages for our products are listed as follows:

1)We have selection software for FCU/AHU/FAHU

2)We have CE certificate for FCU/FAHU/AHU

3)We have AHRI certificate for our Coil manufacturing

4)we have Coil selection software purchased from UK

5)we are very strong on customized design for AHU thanks to our selection software, self manufacturing coils ,self manufacturing metal casing and global most advanced technology and parts adopted etc


Our hygienic air handling unit -Hyphoon series has been widely adopted in many pharma factories in many countries.


Strongest products: Fan coil unit, air handling unit, Hygienic air handling unit, water screw chiller/heat pump

Market position: Airside Products Expert


 Factory introduction:

Zhejiang Hammer factory: Producing standard AHU/modular type commercial AHU/Hygienic AHU/DX AHU with outdoor unit/duct fan coil unit (low ESP and high ESP)/high ESP duct fan coil unit/cassette fan coil unit/floor ceiling fan coil unit etc.

Chiller factory(Strategy partner): producing water screw chiller/heat pump









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Duct fan coil unit (Condu Series)

Floor/ceiling fan coil (Mulan Series)
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