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about Hammer

Hammer is a group company established in 2004. Hammer(Hongkong) is the brand and finance holding company . Under this group, we have 1 own factory and 1 strategy cooperation factory in China. In our China factories, we produce chiller/air handling unit/Hygienic air handling unit/fan coil unit and supply to China domestic market and export to other countries.



Our products have been widely exported to following areas:

a)Europe:Italy,France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Finland, Turkey, Hungary,Baltic countries, Ukraine, Bosnia etc,Bulgaria, Croatia,Romania,Cyprus etc.

b) Asia:China,  GCC countries, Israel, Jordan,Philippines ,Korea,India,Sri Lanka Bangladesh, Kazakhstan,Iraq, Serbia, Pakistan etc.

c) Africa: Egypt ,Nigeria and South Africa;

d) American:USA,Colombia, Peru and Chile


 Our hygienic air handling unit -Hyphoon series has been widely adopted in many pharma factories in many countries.


Strongest products: Fan coil unit, air handling unit, Hygienic air handling unit, water screw chiller/heat pump

Market position: chilled water system expert


Factory introduction:

Zhejiang Hammer factory: Producing standard AHU/modular type commercial AHU/Hygienic AHU/DX AHU with outdoor unit/duct fan coil unit (low ESP and high ESP)/high ESP duct fan coil unit/cassette fan coil unit/floor ceiling fan coil unit etc.

 Shanghai factory: producing water screw chiller/heat pump








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Duct fan coil unit (Condu Series)

Floor/ceiling fan coil (Mulan Series)
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