Floor/ceiling fan coil (Mulan Series)

1)fan coils:Cooling capacity: 1.95kw-15.06

2)fan coils:Air volume: 340m3/h -2380m3/h.

3) ESP 12Pa,30Pa,50Pa,60Pa (fan coils without cabinet) are available.

4)fan coils right or Left  tube Connection  can be changed at site.

5)Additional 1 row hot water coil can be mounted to the 2 pipe 3 rows fan coils easily at site to save stocking cost.

6)fan coils without cabinet can be mounted into the cabinet becoming fan coils with cabinet at site to save stocking cost.

7)Fan cois can be mounted under ceiling and on the floor or wall mounted.

8)Proper electric heater mounted method ensures comfortable air supply and easy maintenance as option for standard fan coils

9)Factory mounted valve kits and thermostat for option for standard fan coils

10)External drain pan for vertical or horizontal for option for standard fan coils

11)Air in below and air in front for fan coils with cabinet are available



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